May is National Foster Care Month, a time to celebrate and honor you, our Foster Families, for your commitment to loving children, helping families and transforming lives.  On behalf of our Board of Directors, our staff and our community, I want to personally thank all of you for your selfless act of becoming a Foster Family and dedicating your heart and home to children in need of love and assisting birth families in need of support.

We are grateful to you, our Foster Parent, for providing loving homes and nurturing environments for the children who need a temporarily safe haven, for guiding and mentoring our biological parents who are working on being reunified with their children, and for being a continued support system to our families after reunification has occurred.

Throughout the month of May we will be featuring several of you on our website and Facebook page, sharing your real life stores and highlighting the positive impacts you have made in our local community ~ you are our hometown heroes!  We hope that by sharing your stories we will raise awareness of the ongoing necessity for more foster parent to meet the needs of new children coming into the child welfare system.



Nadereh Salim

Chief Executive Officer