Rilah Sterk, 10, started what she calls the Gigi Project.  She has a small but well-loved crocheted blanket that was made by her late great-grandmother.  That blanket went with her everywhere, from Iowa to Nicaragua to Florida.  Over the past summer, after learning to crochet from her other great-grandma, she set a goal to make and donate 50 Gigi's to children in need.  People have donated finished Gigi's and yarn to make more, and by December, she had over 100 Gig's to give away.  Rilah stated, "I just love giving to others, and Gigi's are perfect because every one of them is made with love for someone special."  Rilah is hooked and is doubling her goal for 2019.

Children's Network of South West Florida will be receiving 13 Gigi's to give to our children in need.  Rilah stated that all the blankets that are made have to be hugged by the person making them as a way to send that hug to the child receiving the Gigi.  CNSWFL would like to personally thank Kim and Rilah and the volunteers that are making this possible for our kids.

Thank you Kim and Rilah

Here are some pictures that were in a recent news letter.