Dear Members & Supporters,

As everyone throughout our community of care is facing new challenges as we tackle the ongoing rise in COVID-19 cases in our state, we continue to unite as a community, showing the strength, resilience and innovation that has come to define our system of care in Florida.

This is a time when our expertise and ability to respond to crisis in ways that are responsive to each, unique community's needs, truly helps protect children and preserve families in our state.

Our common call to action is now more important than ever, and FCC is here to continue to be a guiding force, a strong voice and constant support for our members and other partners throughout the state.

This is why it is critical at this time to continue communicating with FCC and our partners at DCF, Office of Child Welfare, about what is happening in your communities and what are the critical needs of the children, youth and families you are serving. Now, more than ever, we need to be advocating for our youth and continuing working with our state partners to ensure the safety, health and well-being of children and families remains a priority.

As this pandemic continues, engaging with our community leaders and lawmakers is now more important than ever. Lawmakers are at home in their districts and many are working from home, however, their work hasn’t stopped.

Many lawmakers have already reached out to FCC and our members to inquire about how our work is continuing, and what they can do to support us as we all navigate this public health crisis.

Now is the time that your communications with lawmakers can be extremely effective and is very important. Lawmakers need to know what supports are still needed in our communities but also specifically for our workforce and the children and families Florida’s child welfare agencies provide services for as a result of the disruption the coronavirus has caused in our daily lives, work and public health.

You can access information on contacting your state and federal lawmakers directly through FCC’s Action Center.

At the same time, FCC is continuing our advocacy efforts statewide on behalf of our community of care, including closely monitoring the state budget and any potential cuts as Florida is facing an unprecedented loss of income from the tourist industry and the results of COVID-19. We know this will have an impact on state agency budgets and directly impacting our system of care for years to come if we do not advocate now.

Remember, the Coalition is here for you. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need assistance, and to ensure we are supporting our members in any and every way possible.

We are hearing reports of significant increases of children coming in to care, across the state. Please keep us apprised of these numbers, as we need to consistently be updating DCF and other lawmakers about the on-going impact the pandemic is having on our maltreatment numbers statewide.

If you're looking for a resource regarding the potential impacts times of crisis -- like a pandemic -- can have on maltreatment numbers and some helpful resources/links to support healthy families, Dr. Nellius-Guthrie published a Learning Community brief about this during Child Abuse Prevention month in April. You can read the brief: Strong and Thriving Families in Times of Crisis, here.

A few additional updates and reminders are below.


“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” - Joel A Barker

The Florida Coalition for Children Learning Community is a diverse group of dedicated child welfare thought leaders who share a vision for the reimagined Florida child welfare system of care. People, organizations, and systems united as a statewide community of practice to advocate, innovate, test, and co-create a transformative scale and impact that results in improved outcomes and better lives for Florida’s vulnerable children, youth, and families.

As the Coalition works together to construct the framework and foundation of its Learning Community an essential part of the process includes the development of a logic model.

A logic model conveys an organization’s program, operations, activities, and goals; and is used in program planning, implementation, communication, and evaluation.

You can read more about the Learning Community's logic model and other Learning Community briefs in the Member Portal.


Conference Update



Register for the Next Conference Webinar on August 6!

We kicked off the first in a series of webinars hosted by the FCC 2020 Annual Conference yesterday with a very impactful presentation on The CE-CERT Model for Secondary Trauma, led by Roy W. Van Tassell of Centene.

A big thank you to our title sponsor Sunshine Health for their support of this year’s event!

Our next session will be August 6, Examining the Relationship Between Childhood Trauma and Symptoms of ADHD with Chad Sedam of Sunshine Health. You can register below.

For the remainder of 2020, FCC will host a variety of virtual training opportunities. These 90-minute sessions will feature presenters across our continuum of care and will highlight a variety of child well-being topics.

To register for a specific session, click the “register now” link under each session.

Participants may register for sessions individually at $35 (FCC member rate). CEU credits will be offered for each session.

Participants will receive login information for each session 48 hours prior to the session start time.

Questions? Please contact conference@flchildren.org.


Partner Update




Agency-Court Collaboration: Helping Children Freed for Adoption Achieve Permanency

The Capacity Building Centers and the Children’s Bureau are launching a Virtual Event Series on Achieving Permanency.

In collaboration with the Center for States and Center for Courts, the Children's Bureau is hosting an Adoption Call to Action two-part virtual event series on Agency-Court Collaboration: Helping Children Freed for Adoption Achieve Permanency.

Child welfare agencies and courts can effectively work together to address barriers to permanency for children freed for adoption. The Children’s Bureau invites representatives from courts and child welfare agencies to participate in two virtual meetings to access recent data regarding children freed for adoption, identify the cohorts of children affected, and develop collaborative approaches to promptly finalize permanency for those children.

Event Descriptions:

Introductory meeting: Thursday, July 16, 2020, 3:30–4:30 pm ET
(This meeting is in addition to the Adoption Call to Action July 22, 2020, virtual meeting.)

The first virtual event in the series will provide an opportunity for state teams of Court Improvement Program directors, judges, attorneys, agency adoption managers, agency foster care managers, and data specialists from child welfare agencies and courts to learn how to access recent, county-specific data available from the Children’s Bureau.

Meeting participants can explore what efforts they can undertake that may finalize permanency for this group of children in the coming months and how best to partner with each other.

Explore strategies to maintain momentum and learn about the technical assistance available from the Capacity Building Centers as state teams develop, embark upon, or refine their collaborative projects.

Follow-up meeting: August 2020 (date and time to be determined)

The second virtual event will provide state teams an opportunity to share their developed project plans and progress to date.

Questions? Please contact Cristina Cooper, Capacity Building Center for Courts, or Jennifer Marcelli, Capacity Building Center for States.

FCC COVID-19 Resources




We are continuously updating the FCC Member Portal with important notices, resources, guidance on policies and operations from state and federal officials as well as providing messaging tools and collateral. Please use this as a resource in the coming weeks and months knowing it is literally being updated as pertinent information is ready for dissemination.

To share resources to be posted on the portal, please e-mail FCC Communications.



As always, it's a pleasure to serve you.


Kurt Kelly 3


Kurt Kelly,
CEO, Florida Coalition for Children