We have received information that the weather will in fact be at 41 degrees or below for the next three nights here in Lee County.  The Salvation Army will have their Cold Weather Night operation available to those homeless individual that desire to come inside from the cold.  Listed below will be the procedures for accessing the shelter.  Please be advised that our spaces are limited and it will be on a first come first served basis.  We have the capacity of accepting 15 males at our Outreach Services Center and 25 women and children at or Center of Hope.  In the event the forecast changes and there is an increase in temperatures we will advise accordingly; however, we will be open this evening.

  1. Individuals seeking shelter will need to arrive at the appropriate location (Women and children Center of Hope, Men Outreach Services  Center) no later than 9:00pm, doors will open at 8:00pm.
  2. Each person will be asked to sign-in and we ask that once they sign in they remain in the location for the duration of the night.  If a guest requests to leave, they will not be permitted to reenter.
  3. Guests will be allowed tp sleep over night in the assigned facility and will be released at 7:00am the following morning.
  4. There will be water as well as light snacks for them to take with them when they leave the following morning.

Out Reach Services for Men

Center of Hope for Women and Children