Foster Friday

Introducing the Hazeltine Family

Donna and Danny Hazeltine have been licensed foster parents for almost 4 years, yet it seems like a lifetime due to the amount of commitment and assistance they have provided for our children in care.  Donna and Danny have exhibited their passion for keeping sibling groups together, as they've had multiple sets in their home at one time, along with their 4 biological children.  The family has successfully reunified numerous sibling groups and have served as outstanding mentors for birth families.

There aren't enough words to describe the dedication this family has to the foster care system.  Their cool, calm attitude along with their outstanding communication, and understanding of trauma have made the Hazeltine family exemplary members of the professional team.  It is with great pleasure and honor to work with this family.  Donna and Danny, the Children's Network of SWFL wants to thank you and give you the highest accolades for going above and beyond the call of duty.  The impact you have had on our children never goes unnoticed and will last a lifetime!

The Hazeltine Family


Introducing the Lane Family:

Sarah and Justin have been licensed foster parents since April 2016.  They first decided to open their hearts and home to foster care as they saw a huge need for children in care.  Since they have been licensed, they have gone above and beyond for the children placed in their home.  They have been exceptional with keeping siblings together and always putting the children's best interests in mind.  They are open to mentoring relationships with biological families, helping with transportation, and just representing what it truly means to foster children in need.  Sarah and Justin are humble, loving, caring, generous and kind - even their biological children have bene involved in helping children in the last few years and we are excited to see how much more they will accomplish with their never-ending gracious attitude.

Sarah Lane and Justin Lane


Introducing the Compton Family

Tammy & Kevin Compton have been licensed foster parents for less than a year. Despite their relatively short tenure as foster parents- the family has had extensive parenting experience and a sincere passion for impacting children’s lives. This has been evident and to our advantage since the day they expressed interest in fostering children. With backgrounds in Christian ministry, operating a childcare facility, parenting their own children into adulthood, as well as growing their family through being non-relative caregivers; and later adoptive parents- they have proven themselves to be model child welfare partners. They have boldly accepted foster children who require special parenting and sensitivity due to the trauma that they’ve endured. Despite the challenges, the family committed themselves to each child and maintained nurturing and stable placements until the children could be appropriately matched with other families. We are blessed to have these super heroes and their children as part of our Child Welfare team! Thank you, Tammy, Kevin and the entire Compton family!



National Adoption Awareness Month

  • Lee County: 17 Adoptions / Charlotte: 15 Adoptions / Collier: 10 Adoptions
  • Total children adopted for November Mass Adoption is 42

Thank you to our dedicated Adoption Team who always goes above and beyond!

Florida's Center for Child Welfare at USF


Introducing the Wright-Deweese family

The Wright-Deweese family has been licensed since 2015.  The are an assess to the child welfare team as they have a deep understanding and respect for preserving the child's family connections and relationship.  They have fostered a total of 12 children since being initially licensed, three of which were adopted by the family and have a forever home.  They are truly dedicated to the children in their home and provide them with such a loving and open environment that the children truly thrive in.  It is a pleasure to work with the Wright-Deweese family as they are truly valued as foster parents and members of the professional team.  It is with great honor to nominate this family for Foster Friday as they deserve all the recognition.

Wright-Deweese Family