Foster Friday

Introducing Adirem and Damian

Adirem and Damian have been foster parents for about a year and a half and have accepted multiple children into their home in that time. They are exemplary members of the professional team and provide support to children and their birth families whenever possible. The foster parents have taken children with challenging behaviors into their home, and their combined experience has equipped them with the skills to manage those behaviors. Thank you Adirem and Damian!





Introducing Sam and Ashley

Sam and Ashley are one of our newer foster families, licensed for about 5 months now.  They jumped into their loving, nurturing role as licensed resource parents headfirst.  A family of three active siblings joined the family one day after they were licensed.  The couple not only met the challenge with love and compassion but with determination and persistence.  Sam and Ashley ended each day in exhaustion and feelings of defeat for several weeks.  Their commitment and consistency paid off.  The children are now flourishing in their home, and the agency could not be prouder.  Sam and Ashley have just begun this journey and are touching children’s lives in meaningful ways.  The family is providing a safe and nurturing environment for the children and has learned to work as members of the professional team as well as advocate for the needs of the children.  We look forward to working with them for many years. 

Introducing Alexis and Joseph

Alexis and Joseph were licensed in April 2018. The family has chosen to foster because they believe that God has called them to tangibly care for orphans by providing them with shelter and love inside of their home. Alexis and John want to make it their mission to impact children and families within their community. They have cared for two children since they have been licensed foster parents. Their first placement they had until reunification occurred. The foster parents planned on caring for their second foster son until permanency was achieved…. And were able to do that when they adopted him just a couple of months ago! They are willing to work with all members of the professional team, including biological family members. One More Child is blessed to partner with such a great family!






Introducing Kasandra and Jonathan

Introducing...Kasandra and Jonathan have been fostering with Camelot Community Care for almost four years. They have opened their home to many children. They have also adopted one of the children and are in the process of adopting another child. They have five children of all ages in their home currently. All the children have made great strides while in their care. They have fostered eleven children and some of the children have been in their home for many years. The family is willing to work with all members of the professional team and always does what is in the best interest of children. Jonathan and Kasandra are passionate and dedicated to fostering children. We are thankful to have such wonderful foster parents.


Introducing Teresa and Dan

Teresa and Dan have been licensed foster parents since 2000!. Teresa and Dan are medical foster parents and have consistently displayed their devotion for caring for medically needy foster children. Their experience working in foster care for 20 years has made them extremely knowledgeable. They have developed wonderful mentoring roles with birth families and are excellent models for new foster parents. The Johnson’s are extremely dedicated and loving foster parents. Children’s Network is so very fortunate to license such terrific foster parents!





Introducing Marnie and Jeremy

Marnie and Jeremy have been licensed since 11/20/19.  The family has opened their hearts and home to several children during the year.  They even provided respite care for a sibling group of three when first licensed.  Marnie and Jeremy have been active members of the professional team; maintaining contact with case management, biological families, attending court, staffing's, QPT and trainings while advocating for the children as well.  They have consistently provided an environment where children flourish.  The couple has been very dedicated and reliable even stepping up to assist with virtual family time during these challenging times.  It has been a privilege to work with the Heenan/Davis family, and we look forward to many years to come.

Introducing Vasquez Family

The Vasquez family is One More Child’s longest licensed foster parents. They have been licensed since 2009. The family is willing to work with all members of the professional team and always does what is in the best interest of children. The Vasquez family became foster parents because they wanted to make a difference in their world and for the many children that were in the system. The Vasquez family embraces each and every child that comes through their doors and loves them for as long as they are in their care. The Vasquez family is a joy to work with and makes it their mission to help one more child that is in need of a loving and safe home environment.   





Introducing Jeannetta and Serigo

In the four and a half years since they have been licensed foster parents, Jeannetta and Sergio have demonstrated their willingness to go above and beyond when working with the agency.  Jeannetta and Sergio have been an asset to the agency and have had over 15 children in their home.  They continue to love without limit, show compassion without reservation, and give support without reluctance to the children in their home. The agency will forever be grateful for all your hard work and dedication.

Introducing Amber and Ivette

Amber and Ivette excitedly began their fostering journey almost one year ago.  They opened their hearts and home to a baby boy in October 2019, and he is still residing with the family.  The family has shown their passion and dedication to providing a safe and stable environment for this child where he is currently thriving.  Amber and Ivette are happy to work as members of the professional team as well as advocates for the child.  They support the goal of reunification and have encouraged the biological parents to complete case plan tasks.  Amber and Ivette continue to assist with family time four times weekly, and they invite the parents to all medical and therapeutic appointments.  The family is now considering bringing a second child into their home.  The agency is thrilled to work with resource parents who have so much compassion and integrity.  We look forward to working with Amber and Ivette for years to come. 





Introducing Catherine

Catherine has been a licensed foster parent since September 2019.  She decided to open her heart and home to foster care as she saw a huge need for children in care.  Since she has been licensed, she has gone above and beyond for the children placed in her home.  She has a passion for keeping siblings together - she has always had two or more children in her home so that they can stay together throughout their foster care journey.  She always puts the children's best interests in mind.  In the time she has been licensed, she has helped reunify two different sets of siblings.  She has been open to mentoring relationships with the biological families, helping with transportation, and just representing what it truly means to foster children in need.  She currently has a sibling group of 3 children in her home, and from the moment they were placed with her, their grades have improved drastically  as she takes the extra time to educate them in the areas that they need more help in.  It has been wonderful partnering with her in the past year and we are excited to see how much more she will accomplish with her never ending gracious attitude. 

Introducing Cheyenne and Nicholas

Cheyenne and Nicholas have been a huge asset to the professional team since they started fostering just under a year a go.  The couple started out with intentions of only fostering younger children, however they quickly jumped in to assist with respite placements of children of all ages when the need was presented.  The family provided long term care for a child with severe developmental delays without having any prior experience with such.  The family committed to caring for this child even when times were rough and they successfully reunited him with his mother.  Cheyenne and Nicholas keep in contact with the child's family and continue to offer their support and guidance when needed.  Cheyenne and Nicholas are never afraid to ask for support from the agency and work professionally with all member of the team.  the couple has a cool, calm and collect3ed demeanor which has assisted them in becoming amazing resource parents in such a short time.  Cheyenne and Nicholas, we thank you for your commitment to the kids in our community.  Your hard work, dedication, and loving hearts never go unnoticed.





Introducing Amanda and Jesse

Amanda and Jesse have been a wonderful addition to our foster parent community since getting licensed in June 2019.  The family welcomed two brothers into their home the day their license was issued and a third child two weeks later.  The Kendall family has provided a safe and nurturing environment while advocating for the boys.  Both Amanda and Jesse have worked tirelessly as members of the professional  team by attending staffing's court hearings in another county as well as providing transportation for family time.  This family has certainly demonstrated their commitment to children and their birth families.  We look forward to working with Amanda and Jesse for many years to come.

Introducing Terry and Sharen

Terry and Sharen have been licensed with Camelot for the past two years.  They have opened their hearts and home to so many children over the years and have provided valuable life lessons to the children that are placed with them.  Every child that has been to their home has left there knowing that they are forever a part of the family.  Terry and Sharen are always willing to give any child a chance and work well with the children to help them through their trauma.  The family ensures that each child maintains and continues to grow their familial bonds.  they are an exemplary foster family and recently provided a forever home to a sibling group through adoption.  Thank you Sharen and Terry for all your hard work in the community and for the children in care.





Introducing Elma

Elma has been a licensed foster parent with OMC since 2017.  She has fostered 14 children during the past 3 years, most of which are siblings.  She does a wonderful job working with birth families and is a great support to them even after the children are reunified.  She is always willing to help with placements, even late at night.  She is an asset to the professional team and a strong advocate for the children placed in her care.  She started fostering because she loves children and felt a calling from God to foster.  Seeing the changes in children's lives and their families makes her feel like she's making a difference.  Thank you Elma for all you do for the precious children in our care.

Introducing the Stephanie and Jason

Stephanie and Jason have been licensed foster parents since January 2019.  The family shows the utmost commitment to each child placed in their home.  They were very excited to be moving this year to be able to increase their capacity of children they are able to care for.  They have shown outstanding motivation to continue fostering during the COVID-19 pandemic to continue providing a safe home for children during these challenging times.  They have shown dedication to building and maintaining professional relationships with the birth families of children placed in their home.  They always maintain excellent communication with their licensing staff.  It is clear when talking to Jason and Stephanie how passionate and dedicated they are to fostering children.  Children's Network is lucky to license such fantastic foster parents!





Introducing John

John has been a foster parent for past 3 years.  He is passionate about helping children in need and giving them a safe and stable place to live.  He enjoys fostering and treats the children in his home like his family.  He was able to have several placements in his home that he kept long term.  He was recently able to see on of the foster children turn 18 and participate in her transition to her relatives out of state.  John is very self-sufficient and can handle most situations that he is faced with.  He is also able to request information when he needs to.

Introducing Lindsay & Gabe

Lindsay and Gabe have shown true dedication, being licensed since 2012 and touching many lives along the way!  when Lindsay and Gabe originally felt a passion for foster care, they had no idea they would be where they are now.  They recently adopted a child, and they have been fostering for almost 5 years.  Through ups and downs, they family has shown not only compassion but also integrity in providing the very best for children, even if it pulls at their heart strings.  The family shows love has no boundaries.  They are a wonderful addition and advocate for our foster care families and the foster care system!






Introducing Patrick and Janet

Patrick and Janet have been Foster Parents in the Charlotte County since March of 2009.  In their 11 years as foster parents they have provided a loving and caring home to over 50 children.  They exemplify the work of being a part of the professional team and advocate for the children placed in their care.  They ensure the children maintain familial bonds with biological parents and relatives.  Patrick and Janet have sought out relatives of children to ensure the bonds continue to develop and grow.  The family also understands the importance of sibling bonds and has always accepted sibling groups in their home.  Camelot Community Care and Children's Network are privileged to work with such a dedicated and caring family.  Thank you for everything you do for the children of our community.


Introducing Thomas and Jennifer

Thomas and Jennifer have been licensed foster parents since December 2012.  They are consistently willing to welcome children into their home and family whenever they feel they would be a good fit for the child.  They often take teenagers with challenging behaviors, as well as extended foster care placements, but have accepted children of all ages.  Jennifer and Thomas excel at caring for children with challenging behaviors.  It is clear when talking to the family how passionate and dedicated  they are to fostering children.  Children's Network is lucky to licenses such terrific foster parents!







Introducing Sharla Family

Sharla has been licensed since August 2019 when she welcomed two brothers into her home for 5 day stay.  However, she cared for the boys until they could be unified in a home with their younger siblings five months later.  This resource parent has been happy to provide respite care on short notice.  Sharla is involved with the birth families, has supervised family time and ensured children in her home have sibling visits as well.  She works as a member of the professional team to support the goal of reunification.  Sharla Loves being a resource parent, and we hope to work with her for many years to come.

Introducing Willie Family

Aguenante and Walguens Willie have been model foster parents since 2017. They have opened their hearts and home to over 33 children in need of a loving and safe environment. The family advocates for the children in the home and are in constant communication with their licensing agency and case managers regarding the needs of the children in their care.  The family has shown that they are very reliable and their dedication to providing for the needs of our children is admirable.  They always make themselves available regardless of the time of day. There have been many late nights that the family has been called and they are always willing to assist in any way possible to help even if it is for just the night.  The family currently has their hands full in caring for five young females, two of whom are siblings. They understand the importance of maintaining the sibling bond and are always willing to do what they can to keep siblings together.   Aguenante and Walguens ensure that any child placed in their home feels like they are a part of the family.  They have also ensured that the children have opportunities to spend time with their own biological families and have provided transportation so that the children can spend important holidays with their biological families.  Additionally, Aguenante and Walguens have worked with many teens and provided them with a home where they can experience love and stability when reunification is not an option for them. Although these teens are unable to return to their biological family, Ms. Willie and her husband ensure that the children get opportunities to spend meaningful times with their families.  One example was a time when the family took a teen sibling group and they made sure the girls got from their home to their biological families home so that they could spend Thanksgiving and then New Years with them. Mr. and Mrs. Willie are the true definition of a hero!





Introducing Stacey Kallenberg

Introducing our next foster parent of the year...Often persons comment that the most significant barrier to fostering is having a child leave their home. Stacey Kallenberg was faced with this barrier and has skillfully demonstrated that though difficult, the rewards of doing this is exponential. For many reasons, but this one in particular, her fostering story is both awe inspiring and worthy of emulation.
Stacey’s very first foster child joined her family with very little information known about him and his family roots. He was physically small for his age which made it near impossible to even guess his age with any degree of accuracy. That his native tongue was also initially unknown- did not make things easier. Despite the multitude of unanswered questions, Stacey opened her home and heart and provided unwavering care to the child for one year and one month.
After 13 months in foster care, the child was reunited with his parents and younger sibling. Despite a significant geographical distance between the foster and birth homes, compounded by a language barrier- Stacey was committed to ensuring the child experienced the continuity of care he needed and deserved. With the help of Google translate, she was able to communicate with the family. Their relationship was not however limited to texts. Stacey and her family invited the parents to experience a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and have since made a tradition of visiting the family on every holiday.
Stacey fully immersed herself in the transition plan and was able to support the birth family by maintaining an advocacy role for the child’s education.
Six months later when the Covid-19 pandemic impacted school closures- Stacey knew the family would need her support even more. To that end, she facilitates virtual learning for the child each evening. Additionally, on two nights each week, she makes the 100 mile roundtrip trip to take the child to her home to assist with projects and assignments and to take him back home the next evening.
Alongside the satisfaction of seeing the child flourish academically, his parents sit in on his virtual learning when they are able. Stacey then also has the pleasure of teaching his birth parents, improving their knowledge of English and they in turn are able to teach her their native language.
Their friendship continues to grow which is especially welcome as the World experiences an unprecedented and often scary new normal. So for example, when a popular staple became scarce in the birth parents’ community, Stacey was able to source the item in her own community and was able to deliver the food item to the family- quite similar to my sister’s delivering rice to my home when my local store shelves were bare. Knowing firsthand the relief and comfort that a fulfilled basic need brings makes it clear that Stacey Kallenberg has proven herself, in gestures large and small, worthy of being Foster Parent of the year!

Introducing Monica & Cliff

Monica and Cliff have been licensed for five months. The agency feels privileged to work together with the family as members of the professional team. Monica and Cliff have provided care for six boys since licensure, four of which are still in the home. Three of these boys were placed in a group home setting before joining their home. The couple understands the immense need for traditional home environments for all children, regardless of their prior traumas or behavioral backgrounds. The family has allowed the boys to flourish into respectful, young men. Whether it’s horseback riding or camping, Monica and Cliff ensure these children have experiences that will create memories to last a lifetime as well as providing them structure, love, and support. While fostering is anything but easy, Monica and Cliff exude an almost effortless and natural calling for being resource parents. Thank you so much for all you’ve done in such a short time. The agency is excited to continue to work alongside a family who has set such a great example from the very beginning.



Introducing Monica Steed

Monica Steed has been an exemplary foster parent since 2010. Throughout the past 10 years Monica has opened her heart and her home to over 100 children as placement or respite care. Monica has fostered children of all ages and genders in her service to the children of the community.  Monica has all the qualities of what it means to be a GREAT foster parent.  She has a willingness to give every child a chance and opportunity.  Every child that is placed in her home receives the same level of care and kindness. She understands the trauma that these children are coming from and has the patience and gentleness to make them feel welcomed and comfortable in her home. Monica has maintained relationships with many of the children and teens that have lived with her and some have remained after they reached adulthood and she still welcomes them as part of the family.  Monica had a child that was in her care and she worked with the father in getting furnishings for his home so he could be reunified with his son.  Post reunification the father fell on hard times and lost his home.  Due to the strong relationship Ms. Steed had with the family they reached out to her and she did not hesitate in taking the child back in and being a caregiver for him while the father works on his housing situation.  This act of kindness has kept this young man out of the foster system and in a home that he considers to be family.  Monica has had many children age out of foster care and she has welcomed them to remain in her home. While in the home she mentors them and encourages them to complete in completing their education so they can move on to College or Trade School.  She also mentors them and assists them in obtaining employment so they can become self-sufficient adults. Recently Mrs. Steed had a Young Adult child leave her home and when he was not able to make it on his own, he reached back out to her and she welcomed him back.  While he was gone, she stayed in contact with him to ensure he knew he always had a home with her if needed.  Thank you for everything you have done and the continued dedication to help the children in our community.





Introducing Arian and Aileen

Arian and Aileen were initially licensed in May of 2014 with One More Child and have provided a safe and nurturing home for approximately nineteen children during their fostering journey.  The family has also adopted two children providing them with a permanent and loving home.  The family stays in great communication with all members of the professional team and attends court hearings and staffing's to always be a voice for the children and families and to advocate for what is in their best interest.

They have cared for children until reunification has occurred and if reunification cannot occur, they are willing to provide permanency for a child as they have already done so with the adoption of their two children.  They are strong advocates on the importance of preserving family connections.  They partner alongside biological parents and family members to make them feel supported as well.  The family is willing to provide biological parents with items they need when they are reunified with their children.  In one case they helped with the communication and transportation of their foster child to the biologicals mothers' home at the time of reunification.  They packed all the child's belongings they had acquired during the child's time with them and gave it to the mother to help her get setup.  The family still stays in contact with the child and his mother and is able to be a support to them in whatever they need.  When the child was placed with them they helped with visitations and also had a great relationship with the mother through telephone calls.  This helped the mother to feel like they were all in partnership and working together.  They sent the mother photos of the her child so she would have memories of those precious's moments in her child's life which provide her with long lasting memories.  Since the child has been reunified, the mother has asked them to be the God parents and they see the child as much as they want and are able to continue to support and encourage the mother.  The family often joyfully talks about this and how wonderful the mother and child are doing.



Introducing Tonia and John Landreville

Tonia and John originally were licensed for two children to be able to help siblings stay together.  After accepting their first placement , the child's older siblings soon came into care after that.  Without hesitation, the family accepted placement of all of the siblings to be able to keep them together.  The family was able to get beds for the children and they worked closely with their community resources to make their transition into foster care as smooth as possible.  Since then, the family has continued their foster care journey also using their professional expertise to care for newborns with additional needs.  Tonia and John have worked closely with non-relatives and are willing to work towards reunification efforts.  They are strong advocates for the best interest of the children in their home and they provide many fun opportunities to learn and grow as a family!

Introducing Lisa and Jessica

Lisa and Jessica have been fostering with the agency for the past two years and have been providing a loving home for a sibling group since becoming licensed.  During their past relicensing the family increased their capacity to open their hearts to be able to provide for additional children in their community.  Lisa and Jessica are strong advocates for the children in their care and provide a nurturing home that creates relationships with the children to last a lifetime.  Lisa and Jessica re dedicated members of the professional team.  Thank you Lisa and Jessica, for all you do for the children of our community.





Introducing James & Lisa Moorehead

Meet the Moorehead Family!  James and Lisa have been licensed foster parents since 2014.  During that time, they have cared for 22 children and provided respite care for numerus other children as well.  Lisa and James exemplify what it means to works as members of the professional team by their ongoing communication with the case managers, GALs, licensing and placement staff, as well as the mentoring relationships they have formed with the biological families.  The family also recognizes the need for resources for foster children and Lisa is the President of the Donate 4 Kidz Foundation, which provides care packages for children coming into care, birthday presents, Christmas presents, and so much more!  Lisa and James serve as mentors for other foster families in the community and offer support whenever they can.  The agency and our community are so grateful to the Moorehead family for their superb work with our children and families!

Introducing Lacey and Crystal

Lacey and  Crystal have only been licensed with the agency for 6 months.  During these past 6 months the family has assisted with placement of an older child who needed a loving home and someone to believe in him.  The family has also assisted with getting a sibling group of three children back together and they continue to provide stability for those children.  Lacey and Crystal have shown their dedication to keeping our children safe and we are very thankful to have them as members of the professional team.





Introducing Kalon & Jesus

Kalon and Jesus have been licensed foster parents for almost two years and have focused their foster parent journey to help teens, siblings, and those with troubled pasts.  The family is comfortable taking in children who have had a criminal record in the past and are able to bring out the child's greatest potential through mentorship, consistency and unconditional love.  Kalon and Jesus have also taken in a sibling group of teenagers that had been separated for over a year from each other since they entered foster care.  Kalon and Jesus are also pillars in their own community by working as missionaries in an actions-sports ministry that serves the homeless, teens, young adults, and the vulnerable.  They work closely with Children's Network to comply with all legal standards to best fit the needs of the community as they work on other projects.  Kalon and Jesus are humble in their actions but powerful in the change they bring to the community and the lives that interact with them on a daily basis.