Foster Friday



Introducing Jose and Megan

Jose and Megan have been licensed foster parents for almost one year. In their time fostering they have actively worked with over 10 children in care as well as their birth families. Both caregivers are very passionate about advocating for the children in their home as well as keeping them connected with their birth parents and other relatives through visits and phone calls. The family truly embraces the goal of shared parenting and know that this is best for the children and their parents and maintaining those connections and bonds. Jose and Megan have been model foster parents since being licensed and continue to make a great impact in the life of the children they care for in their home as well as supports for their parents. We are lucky to have Megan and Jose on out team! Thank you for all you do for the children and families.



Introducing Angelica and Anthony

Angelica and Anthony are one of our newly licensed foster parents that deserve recognition. Angelica and Anthony were welcoming and supportive of a sibling group of three into their home. Angelica and Anthony have demonstrated their ability to provide the children love, support, encouragement, as well as assisting them in obtaining all of the services that are needed. Thank you Angelica and Anthony for all that you have done and continue to do.


Introducing Rebecca and Charles

Introducing....Rebecca and Charles have been licensed foster parents for over 10 years. During this time, they have also adopted and provided love and stability for many children. Rebecca and Charles have the passion and love to help our children in need of a secure and loving place to stay. Rebecca and Charles work as a part of the professional team and are dedicated to providing stability for children until permanency can be achieved. We appreciate and thank Rebecca and Charles for their continued service and commitment to our children in care.




Clara and James

Introducing Clara & James

Clara and James have been licensed since 09/30/2019. During their foster care journey they have taken 3 foster children. While not seeming like many; it’s the dedication, compassion and consistency that radiates from this family. Their first placement arrived in October. Prior to being with them he was never stable in a placement. Clara and James vowed to do whatever they could to keep the child in their home until reunification occurred and they did exactly that. He was in their home until reunification occurred in May of 2021. They now have two teenage girls and both are continuing to thrive.


Introducing Elizabeth

Elizabeth has been a licensed foster home for 2 years, since she joined the Camelot Community Team.  Elizabeth wanted to give children a chance to flourish and grow and decided she would care for and love the children who were placed with her.  Elizabeth provides them with understanding and nurturing qualities as she helps them to develop intellectually and emotionally.   She advocates for the best interests of the children in her care especially when it comes to safety and their well-being.  Elizabeth Couch is a community member who has pride in her family and each time a child is brought into her home, she knows that she will give that child her devotion.  She feels that she has a purpose and that is to give children a chance to continue to thrive in this world.





Introducing Michele

In the short time Michele has been licensed, she has stepped up and assisted with short term care for 7 children. She has been a great asset to the agency in emergency situations. She has demonstrated the ability to manage challenging behaviors through her compassion and patience. We are very fortunate and appreciative to have Michele on our team! Thank you Michele for your dedication and commitment.

Introducing Hank and Briana

Camelot is thrilled to feature Hank and Briana. They are sweet, wholesome, and competent caregivers who have demonstrated a selflessness in their commitment to serving as a resource family. They have assisted with children of all ages, with various behavioral challenges, and have been incredibly adaptable to the many unexpected turns and unknowns that can come with child welfare. They continue to prioritize what is best for the children in their care and maintain a strong partnership with birth families and the professional team—and with an unshakable positive mindset all the while! Thank you, Hank and Briana!






Introducing Heather

Heather has been a licensed foster parent for 3 years. She has fostered 8 children and has provided one child with a forever family. She is willing to help with short-term and long-term placements. She provides a loving and supportive home for the children placed in her care. Heather works well with birth families and the professional team. She advocates for the children placed in her care to ensure they receive the services needed to help them to thrive. She continues to be a support system to birth families of children placed in her care that have been reunified. Thank You Heather for all you do for our foster children and their families.


Introducing Shantia

Shantia has been a foster parent since 2020.  Shantia works hard, every day, to maintain family connections for the children in her home, going above and beyond with planning, traveling and making memorable experiences that her children will remember forever.  She works diligently to make sure biological families are involved and have support from her, as well as her extended family.  Shantia is an amazing role model and advocates for children in her home to ensure they have the healthiest and happiest lives.  She works professionally and respectfully with all involved in her foster care journey, learning more and more every day.  Children’s Network is very grateful to have her as a foster parent!  Thank you Shantia!






Introducing Carrie and Steven

Carrie and Steven have been licensed since 2018 with Lutheran Services Florida. They have been such valuable members of the professional team. They are open and willing to work with birth parents as they value the connection between a child and their birth family and continue to be a resource and support beyond reunification. This dedication to children extends to providing a forever home if in the child’s best interest. It is with great honor to nominate this family for Foster Friday as they deserve all the recognition.


Introducing Amber and Jessie

Amber and Jessie have been fostering for over six years; two years for Lutheran Services and four years with Camelot Community Care. They are compassionate and loving foster parents. They put all of the children’s needs above anything else in their life. As of today, they will have adopted four children, two of which are a sibling group. They are also fostering another child from that sibling group. They have done respite many times in the past. They are compliant with all of the children’s health care and have done it all on their own. These foster parents never ask for any help but know they can always rely on Camelot when needed. They are truly amazing and we are so appreciative of the commitment to our community.






Introducing Amy and Gerald

Amy and Gerald are recently licensed foster parents who jumped right in and were able to reunify a sibling group that had been separated for some time. They worked very hard to connect with all members on the team to ensure the transition of the children into their home went well. Since then, they have made sure they have all of the supports needed to ensure the children were flourishing. Their hard work has paid off as the children are thriving. They have been exemplary foster parents from the beginning! Case Management sent a glowing review, saying these foster parents are “rock stars” and are really going above and beyond with these girls. They have seen a lot of positive behavior changes due to the work they are putting in. Thank you, Amy and Gerald, for your dedication to be meaningful to children in need!



Introducing Lindsey

Camelot Community Care is proud to feature Lindsey, a veteran foster parent, who has been an invaluable resource to us and our partnering agencies. Lindsey truly understands what it means to foster and has demonstrated time and time again her full commitment to each child that joins her home. She has assisted with multiple sibling groups, pre-school, school-aged, and teenaged children, and overcome many challenges along the way within just the single year of time she has devoted to working with us. Lindsey is proactive in assessing and arranging for services for the children in her home, communicative and infinitely helpful with the professional team, and is well-loved by the children and the Camelot team. There are few who can commit to the life-changing journey of fostering, and even fewer who are willing and able to rise to the occasion to assist in emergencies at a moment’s notice with a seemingly record-breaking streak—but if anyone can hold this title, it is Lindsey. Lindsey, we thank you in so few words here, but we appreciate your kindness and dedication each and every day.






Introducing Patty

Patty has been such a gem to the agency and the children that she serves. She comes to the agency with over 20 years foster experience and it shows! She recently took in a placement and has explained to the child that she is home and that she is not going to give up on her. Patty is energetic, joyful, committed and such a strong advocate for those in her care. The agency can only hope to get more foster parents like you to work with.


Introducing Yolonda

Yolonda has been a foster parent for the past 3 years.  She works with the agency to keep siblings together and is open to providing a child a permanent home if reunification is not an option.  Yolonda has focused on opening her home and heart to teens in care.  Teen homes are a huge need in our community, so we appreciate and thank Yolonda for her continued service and commitment to our teens in foster care.






Introducing Jordan

Jordan is a hardworking single foster mother to a little boy. She works extremely well with the professional team and offers her input whenever she can. Jordan is always willing to help out and has recently expressed interest in opening her home to two foster children. She continues to feel motivated to foster due to the need in the community and her ability to assist children with a safe and loving home. Jordan states that it is rewarding to see children’s growth while they are placed in her home. When asked about her foster child and his progress she stated, “He has grown so much since coming into care. He came into care the day he turned 8 months old and has learned to crawl, walk, run, talk and eat! He is a very happy and active child. Every night before bed, we say our prayers and he often thanks God for giving him cookies and chocolate!” Thank you Jordan, for all you do!


Introducing Steven and Katherine

Steven and Katherine of the Camelot Community Care family! They are an incredibly sweet and kind family who have dedicated themselves fully to the task of fostering. They were eager to facilitate visits between siblings and ensure that the children who joined their home had all of the supports necessary to promote their growth and development. They maintain excellent communication with the team in their advocacy for the children’s needs. The family is coming up on their first-year mark and we look forward to many more years with them on our team!






Introducing Christy and Carl

Carl and Christy have been foster parents for the past 5 years.  They have fostered multiple children over the years.  Carl and Christy have assisted in the transition of children to their biological families, provided a forever home to one child and continue to foster.  Carl and Christy ensure that each child they welcome into their home is nurtured and loved whether that is for a short time or a lifetime.  We thank you both for your ongoing commitment.


Introducing Brittany and Kinson

Brittany and Kinson have been foster parents since April of 2018 and have had over 25 placements since. Amongst those 25 placements not all have been easy, the caregivers have showed nothing but a pure genuine heart to help children from all backgrounds. Even if the caregiver’s home is considered “maxed-out” they stride to accommodate, especially with teen mothers and sibling groups. An admirable trait of the family is they stay in touch; even if children have transitioned elsewhere or been reunified. They have been caring for a teenage girl with a significant trauma history who has been in and out of their home a few times and have been working on setting loving boundaries to keep her safe. In times where she was not able to remain in their home, they made it their priority to stay in contact with her and remind her they set those in place because they care. Their love was able to shine through and the teenage girl was able to be transitioned back into their home due to the caregivers being present and staying in her life. This is just a brief glimpse of many of the lives this family has changed and we look forward to all the children’s lives they will continue to change in the future. They have been nothing but a blessing to our One More Child family.






Introducing Charles and Vanessa

Charles and Vanessa have been foster parents for over 8 years. They have committed nearly a decade of their lives to helping children in need. Both Charles and Vanessa are passionate about helping children. They love fostering and treat the children in their home like their family. Vanessa and Charles have not only fostered, but adopted as well. We appreciate their dedication to children that they


Introducing Jon and Jaci

Jon and Jaci have been licensed foster parents with One More Child since December 2019.  They were previously licensed foster parents in the past and decided to reopen their home to children and their families, as they know there is a great need in our community. Since they have been licensed, they have gone above and beyond for the children placed in their home. They have been open to mentoring relationships with biological families, helping with transportation to any needed appointments, and just representing what it truly means to foster children in need. Jon, Jaci, and their children are loving, and caring to all who enter their home. They are humble, generous, and kind. It has been wonderful collaborating with this family in the last year and we are excited to see how much more they will accomplish with their gracious and selfless attitudes.






Introducing Laura and Michael

Laura and Michael are new members of the Camelot foster family community who have an incredible passion and motivation to provide care for sibling groups. They have a large family themselves and have not only welcomed the children that joined their home with open arms but have ensured that they feel equally as members of the family and have every opportunity to flourish as their own children do. Laura and Michael keep all of the children busy with summer camp, martial arts classes, Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts, and more! They advocate for the best interests of the children in their care and truly understand what it means to be a resource to their community.    


Introducing Laura and Wayne

Lauren and Wayne have been licensed foster parents since September 2016. Lauren and Wayne are extremely warm and loving foster parents, who are dedicated to helping each child that is placed in their home find permanency. The foster parents have demonstrated their ability to work with birth families and adoptive families successfully and maintain relationships after children have left their home. The family’s passion for fostering is admirable and inspiring.






Introducing Jason and Ashley

Jason and Ashley have been licensed foster parents for over 3 years.  They have fostered 9 children including several sets of siblings.  They are always willing to help whenever they can, whether it is for a day or long term.  They go above and beyond to work with birth families and to meet the needs of the children placed in their care.  They are a great asset to the foster care community and we thank them for all they do for the children entrusted to them.


Introducing Mark and Myra

Mark and Myra are a newer foster family who have jumped in headfirst to assist with the children in our community. They have opened their arms to teenagers and sibling groups, committed to short-term and long-term care, and have modeled excellent parenting skills. Mark and Myra are wholly dedicated to each child that joins their home, and truly treat them as a member of the family. They are proactive in their advocacy for each child’s needs and fully assist in the facilitation of services for them. Myra and Mark are an excellent team as parents, and partner effectively with the professional team. We are privileged to have them on our team and thrilled to see how they continue to grow as foster parents!





Introducing Lisa and Ezekiel

Lisa and Ezekiel have been a foster parent for 10 years.  They have committed a decade of their lives to helping children in need.  Both Ezekiel and Lisa are passionate about helping children in need and giving them a safe and stable place to live.  They love fostering and treat the children in their home like their family.  Lisa and Ezekiel have had several placements over the years.  We appreciate their dedication as fostering requires a lot of patience, understanding, flexibility and passion.  

Introducing Jeanna and Kyle

Jeanna and Kyle have been licensed foster parents since January 2019. They have a passion for keeping siblings together and providing a safe, loving environment for children in need. They always do what they can to make sure that a child’s needs are met and that their best interests are always put first. They are willing to have a mentoring relationship with biological parents and families, and have done so in the past. Jeanna and Kyle have helped with doctor appointments, therapy, visits, transporting, etc. –whatever is needed, they get it done. Seeing them provide care and love to children in care represents the true mission that is foster care.  





Introducing Angela

Ms. Motley has been licensed since 2009. She has cared for countless children over the years and adopted a sibling group of two. Ms. Motley continues to open her heart and home to more children in need.  She is an asset to the child welfare team as she welcomes children in her home, treats them as family, and advocates for the child. Ms. Motley understands the foster care system and has a deep understanding and respect for preserving the child’s family connections and relationships. She supports reunification by working closely with birth parents, offering support, transporting and supervising visits. Ms. Motley is truly valued as a foster parent and member of the professional team. It is with great honor to nominate Ms. Motley for Foster Friday as she deserves this recognition.

Introducing Travis and Kimberly

Travis and Kimberly started their journey in foster care after being called to seek more information during a concert in 2010.  They felt strongly called into this ministry and since then have fostered 16 children along with countless respite care opportunities.  Their greatest accomplishment is found in having encouraged and mentored four other local families to join in the care of foster children in Southwest Florida.  Their children, extended family and most importantly the children they have fostered have benefited tremendously from the experience of nurturing and guiding not only the children in care but also supporting the families of those children in preparation for unification and bringing the children home.  Travis also enjoys teaching the licensing classes and sharing his experiences with new families excited about joining the community of local foster parents and becoming an added resource for them immediately following licensing. Thank you for all you do!






Introducing Maria and Michael

Maria and Michael have been licensed since September 2018. The family was drawn to fostering because they wanted to help children who needed a family, a home and love while in the foster care system. They have helped with both respite and long-term placements as well as sibling groups. The family understands the importance of maintaining family connections and are willing to work with biological family members and help with visitation. Maria and Michael help care for children who are born drug addicted and have dedicated their time to go to the hospital until the babies are allowed to be released. One More Child is blessed to partner with this family.