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Octavia J

Full Bio

Octavia is a very independent and outspoken girl.  She loves singing, dancing, writing in her journal and being active.  She is not a big fan of math, but is motivated to learn so she can improve.  Octavia would do best as the only teenager in the home, but she enjoys taking on a caretaker role since she is used to having younger siblings.  She is a very clean person who enjoys helping around the home.  Octavia would benefit from a family or single mother who sets firm boundaries but is kind, reassuring and patient.  She currently identifies as bi-sexual, but is still confused in that regard.  She likes her hair short and enjoys wearing boys clothes, but has not identified as transgender.  Someone that is open minded and willing to help her through these teenage years and into adulthood could really make the difference in her life.  She is very caring and would thrive in the right environment.