Kalece K.

Kalece K

Full Bio

Kalece is generally a quiet, easy going teenage girl with a big, beautiful smile.  She enjoys swimming, shopping, yoga, art and the computer.  She likes school, and is proud that she gets mostly A's and Bs.  Despite the misfortune she has experienced, Kalece describes herself as kind and a very good friend.  She says she is very organized and is good at helping people.  Kalece likes to keep things neat and tidy, so she won't need a reminder to clean her room!  Her dream vacation is a cruise to the Bahamas.  Kalece likes to keep in touch with her older sister and brother, so she needs a family that is open to her maintaining positive family connections.  Kalece would feel most comfortable in a family who are culturally similar to her, and who treat her well, give her good food, and encourage education.  Kalece has not had good role models in her life and she lacks a full understanding of appropriate adult and child roles.  When she is "acting like a teenager," she hopes her parent don't get mad, and they talk things out.  If you are that family, Kalece is waiting for you.