Kylli S

Kylli is a young Caucasian teen female with significant developmental delays. She has short dirty-blonde hair, pale skin, and blue eyes. Kylli is very upbeat, talkative, affectionate, and energetic. She has minimal boundaries, tends to say what she is thinking, and has good insight into her behaviors but difficulty controlling her impulsivity. She is very intelligent but struggles with peer relationships because of her behaviors. She needs significant redirection but is a very considerate and loving child. She loves horses, television, playing on her kindle, and going to the park.

Kyralyn T

Kyralyn is a lean bundle of energy and has a sense of humor that is edgy and contagious. She is very sure that she wants to be adopted, and has asked to be the only child, or a family with an abundance of love and nurturing, enough for her to not have to compete,  as she wants to be spoiled and have all the attention she has craved, since coming into foster care. Kyralyn is enthusiastic about potentially being in a family that is committed to her, not only to seeing her develop and blossom into her fullest potential, but also, who will guide her and support with the little things that challenge her. Come and invite this amazing child into your hearts and home, and make her family. She wants nothing more than for that day and you to arrive!


Devin is a personable, polite and friendly young man.  He describes himself as "funny, nice and cool."  Devin enjoys picnics in the park, video games, basketball and playing drums.  He gets along well with children and pets and especially loves dogs.  Devin is intelligent with an excellent vocabulary and a talent for electronics.  These abilities sometimes mask his special needs.  Devin has limited self-awareness and sometimes misses social cues.  when Devin becomes focused on something, he wants to learn everything he can about it.  He can tell you all about the Titanic!  Devin seems slightly less mature than some children his age and may learn best in unique ways.  Parents who experience with Autism Spectrum Disorder would be exceptional for Devin.  Devin really likes being a child and is not in a hurry to grow up.  He uses mechanisms such as avoidance and telling untruths to avoid non-preferred activities, responsibility, and consequences.  Devin has an IEP at school and his parents will be very involved in his education.  While Devin has no mobility issues or problems with hearing and sight, he does have a physical condition for which he sees several medical specialists.  Parents who can educate themselves about his needs and have flexible schedules to take him to appointments are a must.  Devin will do best with parents who have a strong, stable bond and work well and consistently as a team.  Parents who can set aside preconceived expectations and celebrate each small step as a big success are perfect for Devin.  With your patience, guidance, encouragement, and advocacy for his special needs, Devin will develop the skills to be a successful adult.

Kayla U

Kayla is a beautiful African American young lady. Kayla loves music and expresses feels soothed when she is surrounded by music. She enjoys being with her friends and communicating on social media. Currently, Kayla says it is difficult for her to see the importance of her education and having a successful career after school. Kayla is focused on the here and now and this makes it difficult for her to focus on her long-term goals. Kayla needs a forever family that will provide her with a parental role model, structure, and consistency. A family that will be invested in her academic plans and career goals. Give us a call today if you are that family.