Diamond & Nasja

Diamond is a teenage girl who values spending time with her friends. She enjoys swimming, eating Chinese food and watching movies. She does well in school, with drama classes being her favorite. Diamond is very close with her twin sister Nasja and while they don’t currently reside together, they see each other regularly. 

Nasja is described as a curious youth who is able to make friends easily.  She enjoys school and gets along with her peers.   Diamond and Nasja do have medical needs that require close oversight.  They also receive specialized services through the school system.  They need adoptive parents who are willing to be strong advocates for them and have experience with navigating the specialized services both girls require.   If you would like more information on Diamond and Nasja, please give us a call today.

Octavia J

Octavia is a very independent and outspoken girl.  She loves singing, dancing, writing in her journal and being active.  She is not a big fan of math, but is motivated to learn so she can improve.  Octavia would do best as the only teenager in the home, but she enjoys taking on a caretaker role since she is used to having younger siblings.  She is a very clean person who enjoys helping around the home.  Octavia would benefit from a family or single mother who sets firm boundaries but is kind, reassuring and patient.  She currently identifies as bi-sexual, but is still confused in that regard.  She likes her hair short and enjoys wearing boys clothes, but has not identified as transgender.  Someone that is open minded and willing to help her through these teenage years and into adulthood could really make the difference in her life.  She is very caring and would thrive in the right environment.

Emily J

Emily is a beautiful is a bi-racial female who is friendly and easily engaged. She is very social. Emily enjoys swimming, likes school and meeting new people. She is excelling in AP classes and is on the honor roll at school. Emily is involved in extracurricular activities-such as soccer and Jr. ROTC. She is also receiving mentorship support from One More Child. Emily has a Part- time job as a server at a retirement facility. Some of her strengths include being helpful and great hygiene. Emily would do well with a positive female role model in the form of a parent or an older sister. Emily is looking for a forever family that is trauma informed and willing to provide a safe and structured home for a teen.

Kalece K

Kalece is generally a quiet, easy going teenage girl with a big, beautiful smile.  She enjoys swimming, shopping, yoga, art and the computer.  She likes school, and is proud that she gets mostly A's and Bs.  Despite the misfortune she has experienced, Kalece describes herself as kind and a very good friend.  She says she is very organized and is good at helping people.  Kalece likes to keep things neat and tidy, so she won't need a reminder to clean her room!  Her dream vacation is a cruise to the Bahamas.  Kalece likes to keep in touch with her older sister and brother, so she needs a family that is open to her maintaining positive family connections.  Kalece would feel most comfortable in a family who are culturally similar to her, and who treat her well, give her good food, and encourage education.  Kalece has not had good role models in her life and she lacks a full understanding of appropriate adult and child roles.  When she is "acting like a teenager," she hopes her parent don't get mad, and they talk things out.  If you are that family, Kalece is waiting for you.

German L

German is a handsome boy, of Hispanic descent.  German enjoys practicing origami (makes warrior hats) and playing sports.  He loves playing kickball and enjoys being outdoors.  German is sensitive and polite towards others.  He is incredibly intelligent and is always seeking new knowledge.  He has  great imagination and a big sense of humor.  German wants to become a lawyer and would like to attend a university outside the state of Florida.  German needs a family that can be patient and will not give upon him, as well as providing a loving, caring and kind environment for him to thrive in.

Christian L

Christian is a personable teenage boy who enjoys skateboarding and making music. He can be fun to be around and wants to be the life of the party. Christian is a leader among his peers but does need to be curtailed in some of his leadership abilities as he does not always make the right choices. He would benefit from a home with a strong male role model. Christian would benefit from parents who are good at placing and enforcing boundaries while also providing a loving environment. If you would like more information about Christian, please give us a call today.

Nathaniel M

Nathaniel is a handsome teenage Caucasian male with dark brown hair and greenish grey eyes. Nathaniel is an avid "gamer," and enjoys playing video games and loves building things with Lagos. He also participates in activities at Crossroads. Nathaniel is of above average intelligence. He reported he would like to join the Army when he graduates high school and become a sniper. Nathaniel needs a family that will provide him with unconditional love, support, structure and is well informed in trauma. Give us a call today if you are that family.

Danae M.

Danae enjoys spending time with her friends, going to the movies, eating , sleeping and going to the mall to buy shoes.  Danae hopes to become a cosmetologist after completing high school.   Danae needs a loving, stable and trauma informed family to care for her physically, mentally and emotional well being.  If you are that family give us a call today!

David M

David is a handsome Caucasian American teenager with short blonde hair. David is an energetic happy individual who enjoys spending time with others. David aspires to be somebody "cool" in the future who have nice things and is admired because of his looks and style. He says he wants to have a good hairstyle, cool sunglasses, and a nice car. David needs a forever family who will offer him unconditional love, support and understanding. A family who will provide structure, guidance and is experienced in trauma. Give us a call today if you are that family.

Sebastian & Victor

Sebastian is a 14-year-old Hispanic American male. He enjoys basketball and football. He enjoys playing football, basketball and soccer. His favorite food is pizza. Sebastian enjoys listening to rap music. His favorite rapper is ‘Six Nine’. Sebastian wants to be a football player when he grows up. Victor is a 12-year-old Hispanic American male with curly dark hair. Victor enjoys recreational activities and sports. He also enjoys playing football and basketball. The boys share a close sibling bond and enjoys spending time together. The boys are looking for a forever family that will provide them with a loving, caring, family that will help them to achieve their academic goals.

Michael P

Michael is a generally happy easy going teen. He is thin with dark hair. He is very smart, easy to get along with and is polite.

Aaliyah R

Aaliyah is a 13 year old Caucasian female.  She is very social and likes to be the center of attention.  She can be very friendly and outgoing.  Aaliyah would likely do best in a home where she is the only child.