Loryn T

Loryn T. is an energetic, spunky teenager who loves music and dancing.  She has an amazing ability to brighten everyone's day by just being present.  She laughs and dances every chance she gets.  She is caring and compassionate to everyone she meets.  Loryn goes out of her way just to make people smile.  She dreams of, and is very passionate about one day becoming a paramedic so she can help save lives.  Loryn has a medical condition that affects her muscle tone.  It is likely that she will need some sort of assistance into adulthood.  She is well loved and well known in her community.  Loryn struggles academically and becomes frustrated easily but with the right amount of patience and love she can and is willing to succeed in all aspects of her life.  Loryn adjusts well to change and her attention to detail is impeccable.  If you think you offer the love and support to this future paramedic give us a call today.

Nathaniel T

Nathaniel T. is a handsome teen with great potential.  He does well academically and LOVES to read.  Nathaniel is a typical teen and might be inattentive at times or easily distracted.  Subsequently, he will need to be monitored at times to ensure he stays 'on task.'  Nathaniel is a creative soul and can be quite entertaining; although sometimes he does tell some 'tall tales.'  He is an avid animal lover and wants to pursue a career in animal rescue.  He enjoys interacting with all types of animals; dogs, cats, birds, reptiles etc.  He also enjoys swimming and playing with video games.  While Nathaniel gets along with his peers, he can be a bit strong willed but responds well to verbal redirection.  Nathaniel would like to be in a home with a mother and father and other children.  In addition, he wants a family that resides in Florida. Nathaniel is typically well behaved but needs some guidance and encouragement so he will remain focused and motivated.  Nathaniel really needs stability and a family to call his own.  Nathaniel would make a great addition to any family and is sure to bring joy and love to anyone.  Are you the right family for this future Veterinarian?  If so, he is waiting for your call.