Uriel, Raphael and Gabriel

Meet Uriel, Raphael and Gabriel A.  Uriel is the youngest of the sibling group.  He is more reserved than his siblings and looks to them for guidance.  He is quiet and shy around those he does not know.  He enjoys riding his bicycle and playing with his electronics and is described by his brother, Gabriel, as being good at everything he tries.  Uriel has recently taken up golf.

Raphael is the 2nd oldest.  He is an active child who enjoys playing soccer, basketball and video games. His current passion is MMA.  His caregivers expressed that he does well with following rules and completing his house chores when asked.

Gabriel, the oldest, is a very pleasant teen who enjoys playing video games and basketball during his free time and has recently started working out at the gym.  He does well academically with a future goal of attending college.  The children value the time that they spend together, and it is apparent that they have a very close bond.  The boys are Jewish and would prefer to be adopted by a Reform Jewish or non-religious family.

Brody A.

Brody A. is a handsome young man whose personality is outgoing, social and a people-pleaser.  He enjoys school, with art being his favorite subject.  He also likes to ride his bike and play video games.  He enjoys activities including reading comic books, puzzles, playing Pokémon cards, origami and anything that can keep him focused for a long time.  He prospective adoptive family  must provide him unconditional love, attention, patience and support needed to thrive and overcome the adversity he has experienced in his life.  If you feel you have the time, energy and patience to provide a loving structured home for this young man please give us a call today!

Jason A

Jason is a 15 year old male of Cuban and Dominican heritage.  He does have some history of speaking Spanish but speaks mainly English.  He is tall for his age, is active and likes outdoor sports.  Jason can use some guidance and stability, and would do well with a 2 parent home.  

Cleshay B

Cleshay is a beautiful girl who is friendly and outgoing! Cleshay makes friends easily as she is so open and free spirited. She enjoys having fun, swinging on the swings at the local park, playing board games and painting her nails. Cleshay is in life-skill classes at school and is making progress. She needs assistance in staying focused but does enjoy reading. Cleshay needs parents that will be patient, loving, and nurturing. Cleshay would be best suited to a home that has children that are older than her, who she can look up to and guide her in making right choices. If you are that family, Cleshay is waiting for your call.

Anna B

Anna is a teen female with short hair and a great smile who enjoys the outdoors and sports. She loves the I-pad, the Marvel comics world, and pandas.  Anna is creative and likes to paint, draw, and write.  Usually shy, calm, and quiet, Anna can be quite joyful, as well.  Anna makes friends easily and is well-liked by peers.  Despite the trauma Anna has experienced, she has shown resilience and courage and has mostly taken the high road, staying away from troublesome situations. Anna is fully able to attach, yet she is most comfortable taking some time to build trust with adults.

Aaron B

Aaron is a 16-year-old, Black Latino male who is a sports enthusiast and likes football and basketball. Aaron also like to draw and considers himself good at it. Aaron loves making friends and building relationships. He is an incredibly loving young man, wanting to belong and have a family to call his own. He is conscious of his positive attributes and is quite aware of his shortcomings, as he makes every effort to continuously improve himself. Aaron does not like humiliation but is receptive to kindness and will respond in kind. Aaron is learning trust, and is willing to give it, unconditionally. He states that he will protect those who seek to protect him by providing a safe, non-judgmental family environment. Aaron is cautious and is fearful of rejection due to his past experiences. He has an introspective personality and will need consistent and compassionate parenting All in all, Aaron is receptive to patient guidance and support. Aaron very much wants to be part of a loving and supportive family.

Gabriella B.

Gabriella, who goes by Gabby, is a funny and smart 14 year old girl.  Gabby enjoys working with younger children, playing with her tablet and loves animals (favorite animal is a unicorn).  Gabby is a very special girl.  She is incredibly intelligent and is always seeking out new knowledge.  She loves spontaneity and trying new activities.  Gabby is a n avid reader and very good at writing creatively.  She has a great imagination and a big sense of humor.  She is self-sufficient and able to do many different chores around the house.  She wants to go to Florida Gulf Coast University for undergrad and wants to continue on with school to become a lawyer.  Gabby needs a family that can be patient and will not give up on her.  If you are the family for Gabby, give us a call today!

Bobby C.

Bobby C is an active young male with a smile that will melt your heart.  He craves being outside and honing in on his basketball and football skills and talking about his favorite teams.  Like most kids his age, he also enjoys playing video games.  Bobby likes being the center of attention and receiving praise when he succeeds.  He is the older of tow boys and he wants to maintain ties with his younger brother.  Her is working hard to stay on grade level and will need assistance to ensure he continues to focus on his academics.  The family who will do well with this amazing youth must be a traditional family who realizes they need to be very patient, have realistic expectations and the ability to be firm and consistent, while being nurturing and loving.  In order for Bobby to reach his maximum potential, he needs a very structured environment.  He needs a lot of love and it would be awesome if he were in a family where he is the only child, or the youngest child, as Bobby needs a family who will work diligently with him.  If you feel you have the time, the energy and the patience and can provide a loving structured home for this child, then give us a call today.

Destinie D

Destinie is a lovely young lady who is very outgoing and energetic. She has a bubbly personality and is very social and independent. Destinie needs a family where she can be the only child and the appropriate amount of attention can be provided to her. A female household would be the best fit for this special young lady. Destinie wants a mother that enjoys "having fun" and who enjoys shopping. Destinie is respectful to authority and is typically well behaved; but does need guidance to help her make the right choices and help her maintain her focus. Destinie really wants a mother to call her own and is excited about the idea of adoption. "I just want to feel like I belong," she says.

Kayonna F

Kayonna is a beautiful 12 year old bi-racial girl with dark brown hair and eyes.  She is very sociable, loves to joke and play video games.  Kayonna is currently meeting her milestones but sometimes struggles academically.  She has experienced trauma in her life and experiences emotional struggles at times.  Kayonna needs experienced parents who are very patient, trauma informed and willing to love her unconditionally.

Omarion F

O'Marion F. is a young man with a great sense of humor who loves to tell jokes.  He can be very charming and is a pleasure to be around.  O'Marion loves to help others and will defend those who are in need.  O'Marion does have siblings who he wants to keep in contact with so it's important that his adoptive family be supportive of maintaining those connections.  He is also close with several extended family members.  O'Marion receives extra support through school to assist him in meeting his academic goals.  He needs a family that is willing to provide support, structure and consistency and be willing to advocate for his needs now and into adulthood.  If you sound like the family for O'Marion, give us a call today!


Dakota G.

Dakota is a lovely, little girl who has the potential to shine.  She has a lot of very special, unique needs so she requires a lot of guidance, care and encouragement to attain her goals.  Dakota is very outgoing.  She enjoys having fun and she is very friendly.  Dakota loves running around and playing with her peers, especially in the bounce house!  Dakota really wants a family to call her own and is excited about the idea of adoption.  She needs a family that will be patient, kind and accepting.  Dakota is sure to bring joy, love and sparkle to any family.  Are you the one for this special little girl?  If so, she is waiting for your call!