Children's Network of South Florida, LLC


AD-001 Consumer Complaint Grievance Procedure

AD-007: Whistle Blowers Policy

AD-008Auxiliary Aids for Persons with Disabilitites, Hearing Impairments, or Limited English Proficiency

AD-009 Discrimination, Harassment, and other Unlawful Conduct

AD-010 Viral Outbreak Emergency

AP-441 Foster Parent Expense Reimbursement

AP-442 Foster Parent Mileage Reimbursement

AP-443 Foster Parent Telephone Long Distance

AP-444 Foster Parent Damage Claims

AP-445 Travel

AP-455 Respite Provider Pay

CFOP40-1 DCF Travel Policy

CON-001:  Contract Management

CON-002:  Contract Monitoring

CON-003:  Contract Procurement

DC-001: Media Policy

DC-002 Use of Volunteers

FM-001 Fraud and Abuse Compliance Plan; Anti-Fraud Plan

FM-235 Fundraising

IT-001 Information Technology Acceptable User

IT-002 Electronic Communications

IT-003 Email

IT-004 Password Policy

IT-005 Help Desk

QM-001: Policy & Procedure Development

QM-003: Dual Licensing-Foster Homes & Family Day Care Homes

QM-004: Medical Consents

QM-006: Prevention, Reporting & Services to Missing Children

QM-007: Independent Living

QM-008: Termination of Services

QM-009:Diligent Search

QM-010: Quality Management

QM-011: Reunification

QM-012: At Risk Child Care Referrals

QM-013: Sharing Records with Children

QM-016: Visitation

QM-020: Access to Child Record Information

QM-021: Change of Custody

QM-022: Family Assessment

QM-023: Case Chronological Documentation

QM-030 Identification of Children

QM-031: New Children with Active Cases

QM-033 Prevention and Placement of Child Victims and Aggressors in Out-of-Home Care

QM-035: Use Of Professional Opinions And Resolving Opposing Medical Opinions

QM-036: HIV Testing Disclosure and Documentation Requirements

QM-043 Incident Reporting

QM 044 Electronic Storage of Records and Shredding Documents

QM-045 Human Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of a Child

QM-047 Transition and Discharge Planning for Youth Adults Physical and Behavioral Health Services

QM-048 Funeral Arrangement for Children in Foster Care

PD-002 Foster Home Waivers

PD-003 Seperation of Siblings in Licensed Care

PD-004: Relative Search Referral Process

PD-005 Exit Interview with Children in Foster Care

RM-001 Revenue Maximization

RM-002 Enrollment Process for Out-of-Home Children into the Sunshine Plan

RM-003 Enrollment Process for In-Home Children into the Sunshine Plan

SD-001 Employer Sponsored Child Welfare Certification

UM-001: Intake, Triage and Referral Staffing

UM-002:  DCF-DJJ Services Coordination Policy

UM-003: Services Authorization Request

UM-005: Substitute Care Funds

UM-006: Utilization Management

UM-012 Health Risk Assessment and Primary Care Physician Selection

UM-014 STFC Capacity Waivers

UM-018 Court Ordered Medicaid Services

UM-019 Network Referral and Credentialing Assistance

UM-020 Quality of Care Notifications

UM-021 Family Support Services to High and Very High Risk Families

UM-022 Coordination of Physical Health Care Services

UM-023 Care Coordination of Behavioral Health Services