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Introducing Aguenante Willie


Aguenante Willie has been licensed since September 2017.  She has opened up her home to over 10 children in her role as a foster parent. Ms. Willie is a very loving, compassionate person who finds joy in caring for children in need of a loving home. She is also very compassionate towards other members of the professional team. Ms. Willie is a great representation of dedication to our children and is a cherished and highly appreciated asset to the Lutheran Services family.









Neal Communities supports Children's Network of Southwest Florida with their contribution of $2500.


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March is Social Work Month

♥ Thank you to All Social Workers & Case Managers for their dedication to helping those in need 

Center for Child Welfare: When things are at their most challenging it is typically a Social Worker who can step in and bring order to the chaos. Social Workers, Case Managers, Child Protective Investigations and all other Child Welfare Professionals positively impact hundreds of children and families throughout their careers. Take time to acknowledge these heroes in our community.

Many Human Service professionals are often so focused on helping others, they fail to care for, nourish and replenish themselves in order to mitigate the occupational hazards of their profession and thrive within their work. They see the best and the worst of society every day, and even the strongest can crack under the pressure. That is why self-care is so important.

Self-Care isn’t just about eating right, exercising and getting enough sleep. While important, these elements only scratch the surface of an intentional and successful wellness plan. Practicing self-care can be an antidote to burnout, which is a combination of mental, emotional and physical exhaustion. While employees in many fields experience burnout, human service professionals are particularly susceptible because of the high levels of empathy required by their jobs. They also experience the stress of working with clients who are often in crisis and may be working for an agency where resources may be scarce.

Adoption News . . . .

As of February 2018, Children's Network finalized 96 Adoptions

Lee Pitts Live! Interview with Nadereh Salim, Chief Executive Officer, Children's Network of Southwest Florida and Dianne McDaniel, Regional Vice President, Suncoast School Credit Union


Staff Kudos


 Kristin Tipps, Kinship Search Specialist with Children’s Network of SWFL

Nadereh Salim, CEO reports:

During our Management meeting on Friday 1/5/2018, you were praised for your great work  by Tara Williams and seconded by Maureen Coble.
They both spoke about how diligent and committed you are in helping families with services and supports.
Thanks for all you do, we are proud to have you on our team. 


Thanks for Caring 


Open Houses

Informational Meeting on Foster Care and Adoptions

Lee County Open House March 5, 2018 6pm - 8pm. (Click Lee County for details.)

Charlotte County Open House March 29, 2018 6pm - 8pm. (Click Charlotte County for details)

Family Mentor Classes - Lee

April 17, Tuesday and April 18, Wednesday from 5:30pm - 8:30pm at our Children's Network office located at 4150 Ford St. Ext Ft.Myers, FL 33916
Please click Family Mentor Classes for more details.

“We are happy to welcome 7 new mentors to our team of dedicated volunteer mentors who are actively engaged with families in Lee County by providing support and helping the parents to increase their self-sufficiency.”

Mentoring For Success 

The Charlotte County Mentoring for Success Training is scheduled for Tuesday February 20th and Wednesday February 21th at 5:30pm - 8:30pm located at 19621 Cochran Blvd. Port Charlotte, FL 33948

Saturday March 24th at 9:00pm - 3:00pm Englewood located 1460 South McCall Rd Suite 1C Englewood FL. 34223

Lee Pitts Live
Mentor a Family
Patrice Cunningham, Special Project Manager for United Way and Pamela Malik, Family Mentor Coordinator for the Children's Network of Southwest Florida interview with Lee Pitts Live.
Naples Family Adopts “Congratulations to the Maxfield family on the adoption of your daughter Hannah Rae Lynn June 7th. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with us.”
NBC-2 Interview A huge thank you to our foster parents who accept our children into their families and provide a temporary, safe and loving home.
Lee Pitts Live Lori Feige, Director of Programs, Children’s Network of Southwest Florida and Kelly Ladd, Foster Parent, Children’s Network of Southwest Florida (interview with Lee Pitts)


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