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Kaliyah is a friendly and talkative teenager, with a beautiful smile and twinkling brown eyes. Kaliyah likes school and her favorite subjects are reading, science, and language arts. She gets all A’s and B’s, and has already gone on a college tour and picked her favorites –University of Florida, in Gainesville, and FAMU, in Tallahassee. Kaliyah is also involved in choir and Bible study at her church. She describes herself as bright, kind, and energetic, and she wants to be a good role model to her younger sister. She says that her strengths are her faith in God, reading, and cleaning up. She likes to keep things neat and tidy all around the house. The two things that are most important to her are her education and knowing what happens to her brother and sister. Kaliyah is not distracted by boys and says they can wait until she has graduated from college and is economically self-sufficient. If you are a Gators or a Rattlers fan who will support Kaliyah in achieving her goals and maintaining contact with her siblings, Kaliyah is waiting to hear from you.