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Anthony (Alexis) L.

Anthony, who prefers to be called “Alexis,” is a very personable young individual with great potential. Alexis can be very low key and somewhat shy. Alexis says “I am funny, cute, creative and smart!” Alexis enjoys doing “girly” things like experimenting with make-up and doing hair. Alexis is on target academically but is not working as hard as she could and will need to be encouraged so she can reach her academic potential. Nevertheless, Alexis does enjoy reading as a pass time. Alexis is thinking about attending a technical college; as Alexis loves doing hair, make-up, creating fashion, etc and wants to major in Cosmetology. Alexis is often misunderstood because of her uniqueness and finds it hard to trust adult figures. Therefore, Alexis needs a family that will be very patient, tolerant, and understanding. A family who will allow Alexis to develop at her own pace: emotionally and explore her sexual identity. Alexis would like to be in a home where the primary caregivers are females: one single female or a female couple. It should be noted that Alexis would also like to maintain contact with her birth family, if this is possible. Alexis is typically well behaved, but does need guidance, encouragement and stability. Alexis needs parents who are loving and nurturing. Alexis needs a family who will give her a lot of positive reinforcement. Alexis is sure to bring happiness and joy to a family who is as special and unique as her. Are you the ready open your heart and home to a child seeking love and acceptance? If so, she is waiting for your call!