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Ezekiel J.

Ezekiel is a handsome, outgoing and fun loving young man. He describes himself as athletic, talkative and outdoorsy. He also loves all kinds of sports: basketball, baseball, football, golf, etc. In fact, Ezekiel wants to become a professional athlete. He is the oldest of three siblings and wants to maintain contact with his siblings if they are not placed together. His favorite subject at school is Science; he does well in Social Studies but requires additional oversight to ensure that he remains on target educationally. Ezekiel needs a very structured environment with parents who are firm but loving. His parents need to be patient, provide guidance as well as encouragement, but be very clear and consistent when setting boundaries for him. He will also do well in a home with a strong male role model: A father who will spend individual “one-on one” time with him and guide him in the right path. Are you ready and able to make this Athletic and outdoorsy young man into your family? If so, he is waiting for your call!