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Joshua S.

Joshua is an energetic youngster who loves to play outside, where he can build forts and climb trees. He also enjoys being involved with Karate and Boy Scouts. Joshua is fascinated by all types of cars and loves to share his knowledge about them with others. Joshua has three siblings whom he would like to be in contact with. Therefore, his adoptive family must be supportive of maintaining those relationships, which would include on-going contact through phone calls and visitation. Joshua would love to have a family to call his own. He would do best in a two-parent family with no other children. School does not come easily for Joshua, so he also needs parents who are involved with his education and advocate on his behalf. Joshua needs to know what is expected of him, so consistency and routine are very important for him. His prospective family must provide him with unconditional love, attention, patience and support needed to thrive and overcome the adversity he has experienced in his life. If this sounds like your family, Joshua is waiting for your call!